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When companies hurt large groups of people, NYC class action lawyers exist to get justice. And these cases don’t start until one aggrieved individual files suit with the help of a trusted attorney.

When you certify a class, the court must look at similar sorts of harms suffered by larger groups of people. This turns a small claim into a much larger one and often forces action on the part of a company.

Even when specific remedies of this sort aren’t built into the settlement, companies are often forced to change their practices simply because continuing to engage in them would be too expensive.

Class action lawsuits often come with a great deal of negative PR for the defendant, resulting in a lot of public scrutinies and lost business.

NYC Class Action Lawyer

And continuing to engage in certain practices could open these companies up to similar lawsuits in the future, something they typically wish to avoid.

How to determine if you have a class-action suit

The only way to determine if you have a class action suit is to meet with an experienced NYC commercial litigation lawyer. If you do, you will file as a class representative, as the person who is capable of representing the entire class in court.

Examples include:

  • Holding drug companies accountable for products with deleterious side effects.
  • Holding credit card companies accountable for unfair financial practices or fees.
  • Holding companies accountable for fraudulent and misleading practices.
  • Holding companies accountable for defective products that harm people.
  • Holding employers accountable for unfair and abusive practices.

Every case is different, so be prepared to go over yours in depth.

You have nothing to lose

By exploring the possibility of filing a class-action case, you aren’t required to pay legal fees. Your attorney will receive a percentage of the lawsuit payout only if he wins the suit, or negotiates a settlement.

Time is your only cost. You may have to spend some time preparing for the case, helping to provide your attorney with the information he needs to move forward, and you may have to spend time in court.

If you had to pursue a smaller amount by yourself you’d have to pay an attorney who would cost more than what you could expect to recoup. And you’d still have to pay the time costs.

You can get justice

Don’t let big corporations push you around. If you’ve been hurt, many other people have been hurt as well. Making a change may be as simple as calling the Richman Law Firm PLLC to file a lawsuit on your behalf.


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Aaron Silbert
Aaron Silbert
20:45 17 Jan 20
In a pinch, I needed general legal services within 24 hours. After a quick search, I found Scott and his firm and gave them a call. Scott answered the phone, took the time to walk me through what was happening and what I needed done, and then went out of his way to make sure it was taken care of that day. He even met me after business hours to ensure everything was taken care of, even printing out extra copies of everything to make sure I had one on file. I highly recommend Scott and his team for any of your legal needs - he is fantastic!
Sasha Roudenko
Sasha Roudenko
15:31 15 Oct 19
Scott Richman took a painful and unpleasant experience and helped me navigate it while always being available to answer any questions or address any concerns whether it was via email or phone. He always took the time to explain everything including any areas of confusion without making me feel stupid or small. He was always respectful, very knowledgeable, and worked so hard on my case. I cannot recommend him highly enough for any legal needs you may have.
Erica Carter
Erica Carter
21:12 12 Sep 19
Scott Richman handled my case with the utmost care, respect, and expediently. I had a civil matter that he resolved for me, and leaving this matter in his hands was the best thing I could have done. He communicates effectively and often, and ensures that as his client you are never in the dark. Very grateful for his services and give him my highest recommendation.
Michael Feinberg
Michael Feinberg
15:04 08 Aug 19
Scott Richman is an extremely honest and professional attorney who helped settle my personal injury claim. His work is thorough and reliable. Additionally, Scott makes himself available for his clients and truly focuses on making sure that his clients needs are timely met.
kristen epifania
kristen epifania
20:31 31 Jul 19
Mr. Richman is a respected colleague with impressive experience in civil litigation. I have seen his work firsthand and he is a powerful advocate and extremely knowledgable in his field. I would trust him to handle my own matter and recommend him to anyone in need of a civil attorney.
Mehdi Essmidi
Mehdi Essmidi
20:45 25 Jul 19
Mr. Richman is one of the most capable civil litigators I have met. He conducts his practice fairly and ethically at all times. He always approaches each case with several strategies, he has no problem standing up for his client’s interests, and he uses his talent for quick thinking to resolve issues for his clients very efficiently. I have referred several clients to his firm because I trust that he will do excellent work for anyone that retains his services. I endorse this lawyer.
Robert Golden
Robert Golden
20:22 24 Jun 19
Mr. Richman did a wonderful job handling an estate issue for me and my family. It was frustrating at times do to attorney’s on the other side, but he persisted in a very professional manner and got the job done. Thank you.
KayBienne Rosado
KayBienne Rosado
16:14 24 Jun 19
Richman Law Firm PLLC is an amazing firm and worth working perusing is you need a lawyer. Scott Richman works hard and took care of everything quickly. He was easy to get a hold of, answering emails and phone calls immediately almost every time. He settled my case within a little over 8 weeks. He was in constant contact, keeping me up to date on the progress of my case. After settling my case, he reached out often to be sure I received my check and to confirm that all looked as promised per our contract. He answered every question, never making me feel stupid or small. He is a great guy to work with, very nice and very professional. Hire this firm, you won’t regret it.
Adam Hersh
Adam Hersh
17:17 21 Feb 19
I strongly endorse Scott. I have known Scott for years. I am an attorney in Florida, and whenever I have a client who needs legal representation in New York, my immediate thought is to call Scott. I have worked on several matters with Scott, and I am very impressed with his excellent work ethic and strong attention to detail. Scott makes sure to focus on the right issues to get the best outcomes for his clients. I strongly recommend Scott for those in need of a strong, aggressive attorney in New York.
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