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Before embarking on any construction project in New York, consider hiring an construction project lawyer. Construction law dictates every aspect of building projects.

You need someone well-versed in New York construction law practice to represent you if something goes wrong at the building site. But an construction project lawyer can also ensure your project runs smoothly, remains on time and within budget, and doesn’t suffer scope creep.

Let’s look at several ways construction law practice can help suppliers and contractors by looking out for their best interests during building projects.

Construction Lawyers Can Help You Draft a Project Proposal

The construction lawyer’s role starts even before the project does. Experts in New York construction law group can assist contractors in drafting their project proposals to meet all state and city requirements.

Plus, if you lose the bid, we can help you contest or appeal the decision.

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Your Construction Project Lawyer Can Review Your Contract Before Building Begins

Contractors and developers require contracts before building projects can start. Many developers and contractors will have contracts they’ve used for years. But building professionals should avoid entering an agreement without having a contract that’s been reviewed by an  construction project lawyer.

Your construction project lawyer can ensure the language in the contract protects you. They will make sure it does not hold you liable for situations that may not be your fault and ensures the other party fulfills their part of the arrangement. Your construction project lawyer will also see that the contract covers:

  • What happens in the event of construction delays
  • Building site safety requirements
  • Insurance requirements
  • Project timelines

A solid contract signed by all parties gets your building project started on the right foot by clarifying expectations and responsibilities.

Your Construction-Lawyer Can Help Make Sure You Get Paid for Your Work on Building Projects

Construction projects often run in phases. Contractors law practice expect payment when they hit certain milestones at the building site.

Contractors, engineers, and suppliers might place a construction lien on a property to reduce the risk of non-payment. If contractors or suppliers don’t get paid, they can make a claim of ownership on the property. If the developer sells the building, the lienholders get paid out of funds from the sale.

Construction lawyers can help contractors file construction liens and also make claims against liens. In many cases, the threat of a lawsuit over a construction lien will get the developer to fulfill the contract and make the final construction payments.

Construction Contract Practice Help Ensure Building Site Safety

New York City has many laws and regulations designed to protect workers on a construction site. Construction lawyers understand the finer details of construction law group, and they can ensure the building site is safe.

Construction lawyers can also help secure the necessary permits, secure zoning exceptions, and guarantee that every aspect of the building project is safe to avoid fines, penalties, and stress.

Construction Lawyers Can Protect You Against Construction Contract Termination

Has a construction project fallen off track? Are construction site conditions unsafe? Is the developer threatening to terminate your contract and using your construction firm as a scapegoat for delays or mistakes?

You need a construction lawyer you can trust to prevent contract termination and ensure your company gets paid for its hard work.

Trust Richman Law Firm for Your Next Building Construction Contract

Even the most prominent New York building projects can benefit from the personalized service and expertise of a boutique, Manhattan-based law group firm. An expert NYC construction contract lawyer, Attorney Scott Richman, will help take your next building project from bid to completion seamlessly.

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I strongly endorse Scott. I have known Scott for years. I am an attorney in Florida, and whenever I have a client who needs legal representation in New York, my immediate thought is to call Scott. I have worked on several matters with Scott, and I am very impressed with his excellent work ethic and strong attention to detail. Scott makes sure to focus on the right issues to get the best outcomes for his clients. I strongly recommend Scott for those in need of a strong, aggressive attorney in New York.
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